Prodesk - Magic for your spine!

When my team approached me complaining of back pains that were both repetitive and excruciating in nature, I knew it had to be more than bad postures or furniture that wasn’t ergonomically designed. I had to come with an alternate solution to this urban menace. A friend suggested we take turns sitting and standing while working and also adjust the height of our monitor or laptop display screens to that of 180* with our eyes. He mentioned that he has battled pains of this nature for a while now and found this method to be most effective.

This was the easy part of the challenge - we knew the problem and a potential solution. Where do we find furniture that supports this experiment? The Indian market has options that support standing and working but they are either expensive or bulky - both of which we wanted to avoid for our teams. Given we wanted close to 10 pieces of standing desks, we wanted the option we picked to be cost effective. These were our asks from the option we picked:

  • Cost effective
  • Light and easy portable
  • Minimalistic appearance

The friend who suggested the solution faced similar issues while looking for a standing desk for his home use. He and his friend, then, started Prodesk. Together, they designed and started manufacturing a great solution to their persistent back pain woes. The Prodesk standing desk is a sleek, classy piece of furniture that has adjustable keyboard and display unit racks that can be adjusted according to the height of the individual using it. It is light weight, can be dismantled and folded into a very compact piece that can be tucked away in any corner.

All our team members using the product have nothing but nice to say about the desk and also consciously stand more during the day now. We loved the fact that they actually shared a sample piece to try using before making the bulk order for as many pieces as we really needed. We’re really glad we invested in these desks and have signed up for our spine care. You should too!

Written by Nivedita Kannan