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I had been searching for a standing desk for more than 3 years, I couldn't find one which was affortable or sleek. The only options in the market were either expensive or bulky. I had to use unstable cardboard boxes for a long time. I was tired of looking for the right product for myself so I asked my friend to help me build one from scratch and just like that - we did it! I made my own standing desk and started using it. I absolutely loved how useful it was!

I figured more people would have faced the same problem as me and sure enough - when we asked around - a lot of our friends and colleagues confirmed the lack of such a product in the market. We started Prodesk life to help people take responsibility for their own spine care. We are trying to build awareness on the importance of alternating between standing and sitting in the workplace and hope more people realise the merits in doing this.

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