Benefits of a Standing Desk

Boost Productivity at Work

A new study suggests that Standing Desks could boost productivity at workplace by a whopping 46%. Standing helps get things done as it forces you to focus more deeply and plough through work. It reduces fatigue and maintains mental sharpness, something that is not typical of sitting for hours at a workstation.

Research published in IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors suggest that, working at Standing Desk benefits productivity. The findings revealed that workers with desks that allow for standing were about 45% more productive on a daily basis than those who remained seated.

Further, productivity of the stand-capable desk users significantly increased over time, from about 23% in the 1st month to 53% over the next 6 months. As an added bonus, Standing Desks are so customizable and even when you’re sitting you can set it at a better height than where your desk usually is, leading to generally more straight-backed working.

Help Improve Mood & Energy Levels

Standing Desks appear to have a positive influence on overall well-being. In a recent study, participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated the entire work day.

Additionally, 87% of those using Standing Desks reported increased vigor and energy throughout the day. Upon returning to their old desks, overall moods reverted to their original levels. These findings align with broader research on sitting and mental health, which links sedentary time with an increased risk of both depression and anxiety. By standing during the day, we’re able to keep energy levels constant. As a result, your mind doesn’t drift, your eyes don’t droop, and you can get through your day without experiencing an energy roller coaster.

More Calories Burned

How many calories can you burn by switching from a sit-down desk to a stand-up desk? More than you think. An adjustable height desk can help you avoid the health pitfalls of sitting all day, and you can burn calories at the same time. Here’s how sitting affects your health: when you slump in your chair, your calorie-burning slows to a third of the rate compared to walking. Metabolism drops. As a result, your risk of becoming obese and developing diabetes grows.

Here, by using a Standing Desk at work, you burn more calories and counteract the effects of sitting for long periods of time. In fact, when compared to an afternoon of sedentary work, an equal amount of time spent standing has been shown to burn over 170 additional calories. That’s almost 1000 extra calories burned each week from simply standing at your desk each afternoon. Standing desks are suitable for home office workers, computer desk users, students, cubicle dwellers and office executives. So check out a standing desk and take control of your health and productivity.

Better Overall Health

The twenty-first century lifestyle is more sedentary than ever before. Overweight, obesity and diabetes are also more prevalent. A healthy diet and regular exercise are still the best ways to lose weight and prevent diabetes, but a Standing Desk can help, especially if you are not used to exercise. A Stand-up Desk encourages you to stay active throughout the day, and movement is a good way to stay fit and healthy during desk work.

Of course, standing all day can be tiring; you may not be able to handle more than fifteen minutes at a time. Fortunately, most Standing Desks are adjustable desks that enable you to move from standing to sitting and back again. Sit-to-stand desks allow you to vary your position and change it with ease.

Help You Live Longer

The Standing Desk has been designed to aid its user into living a healthier and physiologically sound way of living. Studies have found a strong link between increased sitting time and early death. In fact, a review of 18 studies found those who sit the most are at a 49% greater risk of dying early than those who sit the least.

Another study estimated that reducing sitting time to 3 hours per day would raise the average person’s life expectancy by 2 years. The transition from sitting to standing at work, although would initially be quite a daunting notion, will see you live a longer, happier and generally more fulfilling life.

Written by Prodesk team